Raspberry & coconut dairy free mini muffins baby toddler food

Raspberry & Coconut

£2.49 Contains four mini muffins

£2.49 Contains four mini muffins

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Our Lactose and Dairy free Raspberry and Coconut mini muffins join our range of baby and toddler food. ¬†These muffins are packed full of flavour from Organic coconut milk, dessicated coconut and highly flavoursome organic raspberry’s.

With four mini muffins in a box, you can defrost as many as you want, at any time. Pull one out for your baby to play with and start learning about food, if you’re looking for healthy ready made Baby Led Weaning finger food. Or defrost more for a healthy toddler snack and serve them up at any time of the day. They can make a tasty breakfast, a great snack or a sugar free dessert and are even more yummy when they are heated up slightly, giving them the taste of just baked toddler finger food.

– Lactose / Dairy free baby & toddler food
– No added sugar or salt
– No additives or preservatives
– Perfect Baby Led Weaning food
– Great healthy toddler finger food
– Buy baby and toddler food online

Stanley, our chief taste tester highly recommends these organic raspberry and coconut mini muffins for babies and toddlers They made perfect Baby Led Weaning finger food when he was younger as they are soft enough for toothless gums to suck on and the perfect snacks for 6 month old babies and those older.

Now he’s bigger, they make excellent healthy toddler finger food or toddler snacks when you are out or at home. You can buy these frozen toddler snacks online from this website and get your own mini muffins for toddlers or mini muffins for babies delivered directly to your door, still frozen so they last up to six months in your freezer.

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Organic White Flour (Wheat), Organic Coconut Milk (25%), Organic Raspberries (20%), Egg, Coconut Oil, Organic Desiccated Coconut (3.5%), Gluten Free Baking Powder, Coconut Essence.

Allergens: See ingredients highlighted in bold