Clearance Bundle

£28.00 Contains 20 products

£28.00 Contains 20 products

Out of stock

About Product

We are clearing down all our current stock in preparation of fourth coming changes to our menu.  Therefore we can currently only offer this mystery clearance bundle which gives you exceptionally good value but we can not be specific as to it’s contents.

We can say you will receive 20 units of food for £28 – making each unit around half the normal retail price

Our stock levels for each product are roughly the same so it is likely you will receive at least one of each product type.  This will include nine sauces (likely three of each type)

Tomato, Seven Veg & Lentil Sauce
Vegetable & Lentil Curry
Kale & Broccoli Cheesy Pesto

Plus 11 finger food units – made up of these items

Blueberry, Apple & Chai Seed Mini Muffins (4 in each box)
Cranberry & Sweet Potato Mini Muffins (4 in each box)
Carrot, Date & Pumpkin Seed Mini Muffins (4 in each box)
Raspberry & Coconut Mini Muffins (4 in each box)
Courgette & Sultana Mini Muffins (4 in each box)
Vegetable Quinoa Balls (4 in each box)
Cheesy Quinoa Balls (4 in each box)

Please note that expiry dates of these products will vary from the end of December 2017 to the end of March 2018 and not all items will offer our normal four to six month freezer shelf life

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See individual product listings for full ingredients list