Irresistible Thrifty Pasta Dinner

In a bid to waste no food in our house these days, I rescued the small portion of cauliflower cheese from the fridge which was from dinner the night before and set about making it a little more wholesome for my toddler….

The cauliflower I used for this is a Romanesco (or ‘fancy cauli’ as I like to call them!) This variety are sweeter and milder in flavour than the traditional white ones and therefore get the thumbs up from my toddler, as well as being high in vitamin C and K – which makes me happy :-)


So first, I mashed it down the leftovers a bit in a saucepan on the hob on a very low heat.

Then I realised I had some chicken in the fridge to use up (use whatever lean meat is to hand to ramp up the protein content) This got chopped and poached gently in a small pan with more milk then added the meat and the poaching milk to the cauliflower mix.


Next I boiled up some whole wheat pasta – my pasta of choice for all the family due to the nutrition compared to white pasta : 3 times as much fibre, 2 times as much vitamin B and 25% more protein. Once cooked through, drain and put to one side.



Finally I added some tinned organic sweetcorn to the cauliflower mixture for extra sweetness and vitamins A and B.


Now, I had quite a lot of cheesy, cauliflower mixture so I bagged some up for the freezer for another day…


Then with the mixture that was left I stirred in my cooked pasta and served to a hungry boy who finished the plate quicker than i could do the washing up!

Cauliflower cheese






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